With proper care, garage doors can last for decades without problems. But even the most robust garage doors need a tune-up now and then. If you’re a do-it-yourself fanatic, you might think replacing your damaged or outdated door is a no-brainer. But before taking such a bold decision, read on to know the threats involved.

DIY Garage Door Replacements Affect Warranty

The standard garage door warranty requirements are that a qualified and authorized specialist should be the one to handle replacements and repairs. In other words, when you attempt to repair or replace your garage door, you automatically render the warranty void.

Personal Injuries

Many homeowners have the habit of watching DIY YouTube guides and attempting the recommended tips to repair their garage doors. Although you could succeed when you’re extra careful, the risk of getting injured is high. Heavy garage door components can fall on you, causing severe injuries. Also, you could get hurt by the garage door’s moving parts. Additionally, garage doors have sharp splinters and edges that could cause injuries if mishandled.

You May Fix the Wrong Problem

Since you don’t have the training and tools to assess the level of damage and identify the problem, you cannot easily tell what needs to be replaced. Therefore, you might waste time and money trying to replace the wrong components. Ultimately, you’ll have wasted your resources in futility and still have an unresolved problem.

Risks More Damages

First, you probably don’t have the expertise required for handling door system replacements. Thus, you might take off more than required to fix the door, causing structural damage to your home. Additionally, you might choose and install doors that don’t match the height of your garage. Ultimately, you will be left with a wrecked door that would cost you more to fix. Stay safe and still get your garage door replaced by hiring professionals at World of Doors.

These are the many risks of trying to repair your garage door yourself. Don’t attempt DIY garage door installations and repairs, but trust in World of Doors to deliver quality services. We repair, install, and maintain garage doors for a living and offer expert maintenance and 24-hour emergency repairs.

Contact our garage door technicians at World of Doors for more information and pricing.

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