Garage Door Seals in NEW LENOX, IL
March 15

How to Replace Garage Door Weather Seals

Without a functioning weather seal, your garage isn’t properly insulated or protected from water during rainstorms. Weather seals do break down over time and need… View Article Read More

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February 17

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Garage doors can last for many decades when properly maintained. Nevertheless, the doors can need replacement because of one or more reasons. The following are… View Article Read More

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January 18

The Dangers Of Replacing A Garage Door Yourself

DIY Garage Door Replacements and Associated Risks With proper care, garage doors can last for decades without problems. But even the most robust garage doors… View Article Read More

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December 20

Keeping Your Garage Warm During the Winter Months

Cold weather can make it difficult to spend time in your garage, especially when the temperature drops outside. Fortunately, there are a few steps you… View Article Read More

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November 17

Does the Length of Garage Door Torsion Springs Matter?

If you’re anything like most homeowners, you likely don’t think too much about the hardware that makes your garage door work. If it opens and… View Article Read More

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October 20

5 Ways to Prepare Your Garage for the Winter Season

Ensuring your garage is ready for the winter season is vital for protecting its structural integrity and contents. Fortunately, there are many measures you can… View Article Read More

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September 19

What Can Cause the Garage Door to Open on Its Own

Automatic garage doors provide a convenient way to get in and out of your garage without getting out of your car. But what happens when… View Article Read More