If you’re anything like most homeowners, you likely don’t think too much about the hardware that makes your garage door work. If it opens and closes when you want it to, you’re happy. However, when something’s wrong with your garage door, you notice. That’s when you’ll start taking a closer look at your garage door’s inner workings. In many cases, a garage door will malfunction when its torsion springs begin to wear out. When they do, replacing them will restore the door to working condition. Getting the exact right length of torsion springs is essential, though. Here’s why.

Determine Opening Force

Your garage door’s torsion springs function as a counterweight to the entire garage door. If you don’t have the right length of torsion springs installed, it will affect the way the door opens and closes. If they’re too small, your garage door will require too much effort to open. Too large, and you could get hurt by the door flying open when you apply the slightest bit of force.

Prevent Garage Door Damage

Your garage door’s torsion springs help it to open and close smoothly. If you have the wrong size torsion springs fitted to the door, it could suffer damage every time you open and close it. That makes proper torsion spring size a key factor in the longevity of your garage door.

Maintain Your Garage Door’s Balance

Garage doors that rely on torsion springs tend to open and close easily, with a uniform amount of force throughout their motion. That uniformity prevents any excess force from throwing the door out of balance. If you install the wrong length torsion spring, it might not keep the door balanced. Then, you’ll have to have the door adjusted frequently to keep it moving smoothly in its tracks.

Don’t Take Chances With Torsion Springs

Now that you know how important your garage door’s torsion springs are, you should also know not to take chances with them. So, if you live in the Plainfield, Illinois area and have a garage door in need of a new torsion spring, World of Doors can help. We’ll get you the right length of torsion spring and install it to keep your garage door working as it should. And, should you have any other garage door maintenance and service needs, we can handle those too. So, contact World of Doors today for all of your garage door needs!

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