If you’ve noticed an issue with your garage door when it opens and closes, the chain could be the culprit. Over time, it can wear down, and you’ll need to give it attention in this case. You might be tempted to do this job on your own, but remember that there are significant risks associated by DIY garage door repair.

Getting Things Just Right

When a chain is loose, a garage door may open very slowly and noisily. On the other hand, the chain could be too tight. This would increase the likelihood that the chain would snap. It’s important that the chain be adjusted appropriately so that the garage door can function efficiently and safely. If you’ve never done this type of repair work before, you might not have a sense for how tight or loose the chain could be.

Dangerous Risks

A garage door can be incredibly heavy. If it comes down at the wrong time, unexpectedly, it could seriously injure someone or cause major damage to your vehicle or other equipment. You don’t want to risk anything going wrong with your garage door, so it’s a better idea to leave the job to a professional. They’ll know exactly what tools to use and how tight or loose to make the chain. They can pinpoint potential issues and make sure everything is safe to operate. Keep in mind that if you break something, the cost of the repair will likely be much higher than the cost of a chain repair.

Prepared to Assist You

At World of Doors, based in New Lenox, we can take care of your garage door repair. Our services are available 24 hours a day in case of emergency. In addition to repairing garage doors, we regularly install them. We have experience with automatic gates, commercial doors, and garage door openers, too. Having worked in the industry for over eight years, we know how to handle a variety of situations. Call World of Doors for an appointment.

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