Garage doors can last for many decades when properly maintained. Nevertheless, the doors can need replacement because of one or more reasons. The following are signs it’s time to replace your garage door.

1. Old Age

Old age is a common sign that you need to have your garage door replaced. In general, garage doors have a lifespan of 15 to 30 years, depending on their materials and conditions. You should replace your garage door if it’s too old and worn out.

2. Constant Repairs

Repairing your garage door once or twice a year isn’t a big deal. However, if your door keeps having issues that require frequent repairs, you should consider replacing it; the cost of replacement will be lower than that of constant repairs.

3. Planning to Sell

You should replace your garage door if you plan to sell your home. Since garage doors cover up to 30% of the front façade in many homes, installing a new garage door will increase your property’s curb appeal and attract more potential buyers. A new garage door also has a good ROI.

4. Safety Issues

It is time to replace your garage door if it’s posing safety issues. Failed garage door sensors, door locks, a faulty remote control, and slow opening and closing can undermine your safety. Installing a structurally healthy door that operates well is recommendable in such a situation.

5. Skyrocketing Electricity Bills

Old and poorly maintained garage doors usually have poor seals and insulation, making your heating and cooling system work harder than it needs. Replacing the door with a new one can help seal cracks and prevent air from escaping into and out of your home. This can significantly reduce your unit’s work and decrease your energy bills.

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