Our technicians at World of Doors offer top-notch Garage Door Maintenance in New Lenox, IL. Trust us to give your garage door all the necessary maintenance services it needs to look aesthetically pleasing and operate optimally.

Maybe you want to give your garage door a thorough tune-up after many months of not doing so, or perhaps it just needs lubrication to open easily. Whatever your reasons for requiring maintenance services, you can count on our expert Garage Door Technicians to take care of the job. Having a garage door tune-up performed at least once a year is key to enhancing the structural integrity of your garage. We also offer pre-paid Maintenance Plans.

Garage Door Maintenance in New Lenox

Signs that your garage door is experiencing problems and needs maintenance are quite evident. Your garage door might not open or close when using the control buttons or take longer than usual to respond to your commands. You may also notice that it makes a lot of noise when operating, or your electricity bills might suddenly increase, even though energy consumption in your home hasn’t changed.

Making a garage door maintenance plan once you identify issues with your garage door is critical to avoiding more serious breakdowns and enhancing its performance and life span. Your garage door’s lack of or delayed response could be due to malfunctioning electrical components while the noises could result from non lubricated moving parts.

Scheduling routine maintenance services for your garage door comes with many pros:
  • Avoid significant mechanical problems
  • Increase your garage door’s life span
  • Enhance safety and minimize injury risk
  • Beef up security
  • Enjoy peace of mind

Many of our clients often wonder what garage door maintenance really entails. Some of the tasks included in a maintenance service include cleaning the garage door and inspecting it for any damage. In addition to balancing the garage door, repairing or replacing rollers and lubricating moving parts are also included in the maintenance service.

To ensure your garage door is safe, technicians will conduct safety tests, which primarily involves examining its springs, cables, and other parts.